Black and white logo displaying the text "Shreve Mayor" with a red star like found on the Indianapolis city flag


Indianapolis used to be the jewel of the Midwest. We can do it again.

Neighborhood Services

Creating paradise in Indianapolis begins with a focus on developing vibrant, beautiful neighborhoods. By building neighborhoods that are safe and comfortable we give residents the high quality of life we deserve, while attracting talent to our city and enhancing our overall economic health. 

People of all ages crave active and sustainable communities. Indianapolis currently celebrates a robust trail network that connects neighborhoods and the city. As mayor, I will lead additional projects to continue development of these trails and find new innovative ways to expand our city’s connectivity through greenways and sidewalks along all thoroughfares. The city needs to work with residents, business owners, and community groups to find new opportunities to add additional greenways and increase connections between where people live and work. Greenways have the potential to offer alternative modes of transportation that more appropriately fits differing lifestyles, reduce the constant strain on our city’s streets, save taxpayer dollars, and promote healthy living. 

Developing new sidewalks and greenways is crucial, but maintaining those already built is equally important. Indianapolis faces unique challenges in maintaining our infrastructure due to freeze-thaw cycles. Though challenging, solutions are available so long as we use solutions that are innovative and data-driven. As mayor, I will use my experience both as a business owner and a member of the public works committee to revolutionize our city’s maintenance of streets, sidewalks, and greenways. Coordination is key in infrastructure maintenance whether it be new construction along our city’s streets, trash collection, or snow plow routes. We can efficiently address thoroughfare maintenance in a way that ensures school and emergency routes remain passable, but it requires a leader capable of coordinating with every aspect of city services. 

When you reach out to the mayor’s office you should get an answer. If you report a pothole to the city, it should be remedied expediently and with a sense of urgency. You should expect that when you call 9-1-1 you will get someone on the other line and help will be dispatched immediately. The current response time for our city government is not what Indianapolis deserves and it is a glaring sign that good government is absent and leadership is lacking in the mayor’s office.